Mutual tug session my place – m4m

Mutual tug session my place – m4m (Southwest). Just want to strip down and watch and be watched jerk some hard dicks. I host, serious, clean and DDF. Come over grab a beer lose the pants and stroke Oral possible with right guy but nothing more, don’t bother asking. Prefer guys under 32 and in … Read moreMutual tug session my place – m4m

palace of dreams and pleasure

Just wanted to say that I like your new and ever expanding website. I know you said a year ago that you had lost the old one in the expanse of the universe…….but you have rebuilt it and it looks different, a little less black background but a lot of good stories and information and every link still leads to a new and exciting place, like a sex maze.

Its obviously by you but its a different shape. It must have been a lot of hard work. I have a question, well more of a thought… I grow older I find that I don’t want to have full on sex with men and dont….but I do want to be intimate, touching massage, working on each others jade stem…of course, which is what we do with you and thank the gods for you, you have given me a safe and nurturing place to find such amazing male intimacy. You have provided a great and safe gift for all men. when i was younger I cruised areas when I was horny, not a safe option.

I have used sex lines but they are expensive and again just about raw sex or pure fantasy and not a safe option nor a wise one.

Sometimes I want to touch and intimacy with men more often that once a month in Mr Cox`s palace of dreams and pleasure. I have visited (a place) once and its a real sex place, not very intimate or friendly and lots of unsafe sex happens and older guys like me, are not really that welcome. I stayed 20 minutes and left.

I have stopped watching porn, because your groups have taught me to be more real about sex, so as I am watching porn less my desire for real intimacy is returning and so I have greater need. Plus with no porn, I have started to have really hot dreams, which I have not had for years….amazing. I have put `jerk off/ masturbation groups for men` into search engines, I think they exist in fantasy but not in reality. Maybe San Francisco was the only place they actually happened as a reaction to AIDS…who knows. I also like the `no lips below the hips` idea, even though oral sex is amazing it can be intimidating if expected. Gay Sex groups/leather clubs and the like push away str8/bi/health conscious gay males because of their expectation of full sex or the risk of STIs and the expectation of a young body and a hard cock, and also the big performance thing hides a million anxieties.


I don’t want to take viagra, I would rather have a head massage. apart from your wonderful group are there groups  guys who meet to touch and wank and relax in the safety of a private home or is this an urban myth…it might be just you? Perhaps the sauna scene is where such intimacy happens, I don’t really know. These are my thoughts and I don’t expect you to solve them or come up with an answer but I thought I would put the thoughts out there as I cant be the only guy, bi/gay/str8 who would just like some mutual masturbation/ erotic touch without the worry that STIs bring, and that it happens in a safe place. I have been in a men`s group for 6 years and occasionally talked about such things but such real sex talk is rare and not always appropriate or what men want in that therapeutic setting.

I know you have talked about having a spirituality group but I think that spritualising sex moves it away from the reality of intimacy.


The church fears sex so turns it into some kind of intimate god talk but with your pants firmly on, when in reality men want someone to touch them for real, only then do they see the divine. Real divinity cannot be separated from real physicality. As I don’t believe there is such a thing as an eternal soul separate from the body then divinity and sexuality and physical intimacy are the same and interchangeable, the real trinity of love. I think a group of men talking about their desires and anxieties and real needs and fears is missing.

If we talk about it then men may gravitate to meeting that desire and need for intimacy, who knows…..So I have said it and its out there flying around the heavens. so much love power and respect to you mr sex wizard, and mr love men wizard.   Marco del rey


Real divinity cannot be separated from real physicality. Marco Del Rey explains as I don’t believe there is such a thing as an eternal soul separate from the body then divinity and sexuality and physical intimacy are the same and interchangeable, the real trinity of love.

jizz shooter

gif fucking (1)

It was my rich buddy’s birthday. I had traveled hundreds of miles to attend his 38th birthday party. His brother in law and business partner had hired a musical group to wake him up with a serenade  We were about 45 buddies who had got up at 5 a.m. to wish Gimmy happiness  and success. After the moonlight serenade  he welcomed us all for a hearty breakfast at his home roof garden. The musical group kept playing and singing for our rich friend, while his wife and some of his 10 children served the tables. It was a cold winter morning, too early for booze and beer. The music stopped around 10 a.m., but none of us men wanted to leave our rich buddy’s home. We were enjoying the winter sun on the roof garden, and all the booze we could drink. So, by noon most of us were really drunk. So, our rich buddy got hold of the roof hose, and began spraying water on all of us. We all ran away from the sprinkling water, but most of us got really damped. All of us were having a big kick with the sprinkling hose, as we took turns to wet one another. The February sun was burning our skins, and then all of a sudden, it happened. Jimmy, the birthday guy, approached some us and  started to unzip our flies. One of us unzipped his. (By the way, he had ordered his wife and kids to leave us for a while.) So, we started to feel freer when he told us nobody was watching us. He began grabbing our hidden rods and balls, some of which had started to turn into hard-ons. He was so drunk by then that he pulled his seven-inch boner out, and started to jack off in front of us. Jimmy started to pant and shout: “Who wants my boner, who wants a good fuck?”

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Since most of us were his buddies, of course, not “ass-kissers”, we all began to chuckle and laugh. Jimmy had a white uncut hard-on cock which popped out of his fly looking large, and erotically ready for a good wank from one of us. He swirled it around showing the  cheering crowd his white pecker, while he caressed and jerked it with utmost lewdness. He then grabbed my prick, and with his left hand pulled it out. I was hard as a rock. “Look, Bunt, has a nice cut piece of meat. Oh, and it’s huge” How huge, Bunt?” I grabbed my stiff pecker with my left hand, and said: “It?s only six inches, man, six inches. Not too large” Do you want to suck it as a birthday present for you, man? Jimmy got close to me and began to tease my prick, especially by squeezing its glans. “Look, guys, look how purple his head is”, he jeered. Most of the other guys, about forty three, had now their hands on their hard-ons, and most had pulled them out. Some would shout: “We’ll follow the leader” Whatever you do, Jimmy, we’ll do!” We were about 45 guys wanking away, and some of us were so drunk that we didn’t care if we were acting as a bunch of queers. Some began to suck cock; other wanked another guy’s rod; and Jimmy and I, well, just petted each other’ hard-ons. There was a moment when there was no more noise going on. The 45 of us had stripped down our  Underwear and pants, and roamed through the roof top naked, showing our hot and upward boners saluting the February sun. When the panting increased, Jimmy had all of us form a teamback circle, and dared us to spout our oozing jizzes unto several empty booze bottles. I wonder if someone had a camera, and took pictures of this semi-gay birthday party (all of us were supposedly heterosexual).

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Then there was a big and unanimous uproar that was probably heard all over town: “Cumming, man, cumming!” Our 45 jizzes flew all over, but never entered the bottle necks. Oh, we were all so hot that we all wanted each other arses, or some female cunts in which to squirt our oozing spunks. We all ended exhausted, since the booze had prolongued our wanking  happy birthday party. I knelt on the floor, and let my rod spout its cum squirt by squirt. I even got someone’s jizz on my body. We had been all alone on the roof, and we had all jerked off our last drop of cum unto the floor. It was fun watching 45 peckers, including mine, subside, and shrink down to about two to three inches long. We all found our clothes and got dressed. Some of these pants, shoes, and underwear were wet with water and cum. After Jimmy got dressed, we all surrounded him with our peckers well-kept underneath our pants, and expressed that we had all had the greatest fun of our lives. Some us left and went back to our hotels and homes to take a shower, and to get ready for the afternoon luncheon by the river. Jimmy and some of us stayed to clean the roof floor with the hose, leading all the juices into the roof sewage.There our kinky semi-gay birthday party got lost onto oblivion. None of our wives would ever find out about this kinky roof party. No, sir! Jimmy is still alive, but I’m sure there’ll be no happy birthday party like that February morning at his home roof gartden for the rest of our lives! Fussy

obsessed with uncut cocks

Always thought of myself as straight, but the older I get (75) the more I think I’m not ANYthing, but a bit of EVERYthing. I’m really turned on by manly looks, like hairless, smooth, clean, small. This goes for men and women.

Lately I’ve become obsessed with uncut cocks. I’m cut but was left with substantial foreskin. To hold and massage an uncut cock larger than my own (7″) is something I’d love to do before I die. This site is great, with all these other guys admitting their unique fantasies and experiences. Some of the cocks I see here make we want to put my mouth on one and experience something new and different. A few years ago I received my first blowjob, from a friend that finally came out of “his closet”. But he dropped me cause I wouldn’t return his “love-making”. He’s a “bear” of a guy,  obsessed with uncut cocks obsessed with uncut cocks, which doesn’t appeal to me at all. And his cock is rather small and not pleasantly colored… it always looks sore. I’ve jerked him off and massaged our cocks while holding them together… another turn-ON for me. At my age, it seems the only possibilities are other old people, but they don’t turn me on at all. I have a fantasy about cock-docking with a young, huge uncut cock. Then I’d like to experience it in my mouth. In my younger and more flexible days, I could get my cock’s head into my mouth, and I always thought I’d love to suck a cock that was as clean and attractive as my own. Yep, different strokes for different folks. Keep up the great work on this informative site. ocotilloguy