Do straight men enjoy prostate stimulation?

From a straight guy’s perspective I can vouch that prostate stimulation whilst having sex with a woman, has got to be one of the most stimulating experiences. My wife will often lube her finger while I’m going ten to the dozen in and out her love dick here

my mans foreskin

LUUUURVE to nibble and play with my man’s foreskin, teasing and tempting him until he begs me to suck it… then take his bullocks deep down my throat and keep it down, all the while looking into his eyes as he moans with pleasure. I dick here

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engineered arse

Scott Styles, former porn star and now, nuclear engineer, was most famous in his porn days for his fucking techniques. He used to always really stick his arse out when he was fucking the chick, you could always see his blossoming rosebud. His arse used to dick here


So he has been open to you about the fact that he likes certain sensations but is, it seems, pretty clear on his limits. He isn’t gay but you want him to do it for you? You don’t want him to “try it all” for dick here