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Men do not represent two discrete populations, heterosexual and homosexual. We are not to be divided into sheep and goats. It is a fundamental of taxonomy that nature rarely deals with discrete categories kINSEY I reckon that everybody is different … Continue reading

electrified with sexual energy


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I was a new recruit in the US Air Force, just out of basic training and on my 9-month training assignment in an air base just outside of Denver, Colorado. Not having the opportunity to sexually relieve myself (or overly … Continue reading

deep inside her


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My fantasy is to watch a big masculine man fuck my wife and ask me to join in. I come home unexpectedly to find a man coming out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist, extended in … Continue reading

heterosexuals anonymous


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I’m 34 and have never been with a woman. Sometimes I just want to experience the pleasure of soft, wet pussy. I fantasize about eating out a beautiful women and then fucking her. I’ve always considered myself gay. It’s great … Continue reading

lie back and think of Cymru


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I am in a heterosexual relationship but occasionally my partner and I have sex with a plumber, a friend for some 15 years and I also have sex with him and his partner. I am not aware of being attracted to men … Continue reading

18% straight


when I was growing I always liked girls but when I got to the age of 18 I started to notice that seeing men in the nude (gym class, judo club, school showers. playgirl mags I knew I was hooked.) I’m actually bisexual but I have always loved performing fellatio. The male body is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and I don’t understand why it is the most abused. I did a survey on the net and found out that I am 18% straight, what does that tell you!? schwanzlieber



I have to do this everyday: I am senior bear and if you had told me when I was a kid, that I would one day March in a Gay Pride parade, I wouldn’t have been able to get my mind around it. Brought up in the twisted world of Fifties wacko Irish-American Catholicism, I thought I shouldn’t be gay but was wracked with the intense charge of my deepest desires. I was very smart and read all the books that proved that gay love was, if not a sin, a disease to be cured. I wasted the next twenty years of my life in a vane attempt to become who I wasn’t and pouring large amounts of alcohol down my throat to kill the pain. My penis was a lot smarter than my head and right from the get go I was telling me the truth about myself. My first wet dream: I am standing by the stairs that lead to the door of the Basement Chapel of St.Mary’s. My brother’s friend Leo walks up to me; he is naked. I am naked. Our hard penises kiss and I wake up to find my pajamas sticky with sperm. Forty five years ago and it still makes me hard! I dated girls. They were nice girls. I ran on the fantasy that if I got laid it would prove I was straight and I would be all right. I later found out that for me sex with a woman was a trick I could pull off and so what. The sad truth is that, in my case, whether I was dating in my young manhood or fucking a couple of women or using some poor soul as an unwilling  beard, I was using these people to fix me. Not a good way to treat anyone. I have a friend from hight school days. In college we used to double date. He asked me one Saturday night why I was always so depressed when we were going out. I couldn’t tell him  that  when I was sitting behind him as we drove off with the girls I wanted more than I can describe even now  to lean forward and cover the muscular white ivory of his neck bites and nibbling kisses. One of the worst nights of my life was spent in the same bed with him inches from me and unable  to be touched. And in the midst of all this I was cruising the bushes and the block, where men fished for sex, for hours and days on end.

Occasionally I got lucky but never happy. When I finally fucked a woman I added two and two and,as usual,came up with twenty-two! Since I was now cured of being queer I would enter the seminary, live with men,  and wear a long black dress. But my prick was still smarter than I was and had a plan of its own. At the end of summer recess I decided to “go for a walk” in the woods near my mothers new house. There were often trucks and cars parked along the road. Eventually I spied a neighbor hood beauty I’ll name Paul. He was lying sunning himself wearing as near to nothing as I had ever seen. Perhaps twenty, long spare body, black hair,a face as Irishly handsome as his other brothers. He new I was cruising him. He wanted to be cruised. Was he getting hard? I was. My shyness made me slow to come near. (I later learned how important this is in building explosive sexual tension] In my memory the details become blurred in what I know was a storm of hungry mouths, groping hands, naked flesh: years of longing tearing the sky apart. We were both too trapped in the Big Closet America was then to capitalize on what the God Eros had pulled us into, but I look back an say what a start, There follows many years of therapies, jobs, lots of sex, lots of Bourbon, all enhanced by a talent for self pity. I often say living those years was like riding a bicycle with no chain gears. Then a great blessing: Stonewall and I began trying to come out. Next I was forced to put down the booze. That first summer sober I was in a daze most of the time but, Eros be praised, that Summer they were relaying all the water and sewer pipes in the town where I was living. The work was being done by a Syrian owned company. Most of the workers were Arab, Italian or Spanish. I was defenseless against the strength and beauty unselfconscious erotic power of what I saw. I would go down town for lunch, see  a few more of these glorified bodies, something would light up inside of me inside of me and I had to accept that my deep love of the male was my gift from that erotic God. A few more brain cells would come back on line. That the spermy kiss of Leo’s penis was a blessed gift from god. Andy Mc



OMNISEXUAL: Someone who doesn’t know what the hell he is. Typically it’s the kind of person who says he don’t like to be put in any category or labeled.


lets get it str8 bi joe

HETEROSEXUAL (“straight”): a male or female who is mentally, emotionally, physically, genetically and sexually attracted, and feels internally connected, only to other human members of the opposite sex, and who can enter into a romantic and sexual relationship or union only with members of the opposite sex.

HOMOSEXUAL (“gay/lesbian”): a male or female who is mentally, emotionally, physically, genetically and sexually attracted, and feels internally connected, only to other human members of the same sex, and who can enter into a romantic and sexual relationship or union only with members of the same sex.

bear-cockEX-GAY: There are two different types of ex-gays: 1) a heterosexual who had previously left members of the opposite sex for members of the same sex, but has reverted to his or her natural heterosexual identity. 2) a homosexual who, through various brainwashing techniques, has been convinced that he or she is now a heterosexual, which usually ends disasterously, including suicide.

EX-EX-GAY: a homosexual who has recovered from subjection to brainwashing techniques that had convinced the person that he or she had become heterosexual.

BISEXUAL (“bi”): a male or female who is mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually attracted, and feels internally connected, to other humans of either sex, and who can enter into a romantic and sexual relationship or union with members of either.

BI CURIOUS: not to be confused with a true homosexual, heterosexual, or bi sexual, a Bi Curious person is one who feels multiple internal signals from both sexes and is not sure to which sexual category he or she belongs, though generally such a person will lean toward
homosexuality. There are countless psychological reasons for this condition, some benign and some serious.

TRANS SEXUAL: a heterosexual or homosexual male or female who has had, or wishes to have, sexual reassignment through surgery to that of the opposite sex.

TRANSVESTITE: a heterosexual or homosexual male or female who finds pleasure in, or who prefers to wear, clothing and paraphanalia commonly associated with the opposite sex. The term “Drag Queen” generally refers to homosexual transvestites. The term “Female Impersonator” generally refers to anyone who dresses as the opposite sex for entertainment purposes, regardless of whether that person is a transvestite.

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BIGOT: a person who hates and/or represses others who are not like them, either by threats, violence, or the passage of discriminatory laws. Also known as a member of the Nazi party.

HOMOPHOBIA: a mental disorder causing fear of same-sex intimacy, or of others of the same sex who are intimate.

OMNISEXUAL: Someone who doesn’t know what the hell he is. Typically it’s the kind of person who says he don’t like to be put in any category or labelled.

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Gay Tantra


Being Gay, Practicing Tantra (in Buddhism) – gay, lesbian, and bisexual people often have difficulty placing trust in a religious path after the negative experiences so many of us have had. Even in organisations which seem initially friendly, there is so often the ‘bottom line’: we are accepted so long as we don’t bring our partners along, or mention homosexuality, or as long as we don’t aspire to become teachers or leaders or fully-fledged members. However, in Vajrayana Buddhism there is — or should be — no obstacle or difference in treatment for sexual minorities, because in Vajrayana every aspect of our being is an aspect of our beginningless enlightenment. That includes our sexuality – especially our sexuality, because sexuality is such a powerful metaphor, particularly within Tantra. Sexual orientation makes no difference at all to the way gay people are viewed within Aro. Everyone is completely accepted as they are, and valued for the uniqueness of their personality. One of the contributions that we make as gay people is our gayness – our ability to see things a little differently. Sometimes experience can lead us to scan the horizon for the expected disappointment; the barrier to full acceptance. So we may come across elements within Vajrayana which make us feel ‘here it comes again’. For example, the yab-yum imagery and the khandro-pawo teachings are expressed within a heterosexual framework – and we may perceive them as excluding us. More from that article –

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3 times a day

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If I had my way I would like to have sex at least 3 times a day. I am 41 years old. My wife is the same age but she only wants to do it every 2 weeks. So never has wanted to experiment in bed. We just do it “normal” style. She wont give head or want to be on top Paul


Seb Cox Replies: Paul, if there are other issues in your relationship you might try going to a marriage counsellor. However if your relationship with your wife is happy in every other regard I would say just leave her be. Some women are not really interested in sex, and there is really very little anyone can do to change that. You would, therefore, need to get your sexual needs meet outside your main relationship. How you do that is entirely up to yourself. Planning is very important. You need to be clear in your own head exactly what sex you want to have. Make a list of rules for yourself. And then Paul, all you have to do is, do it. It might be something that you would only ever need to do once, or it might be something you need to do everyday for the rest of your happy life. But either way, you need to do it, you know what I mean. Do not feel guilty and ever time you have a really good fuck, buy your wife a sex toy. It really doesn’t matter whether she uses them or not. I wish you lots of love, lust and luck on your sacred journey.


P. S. i THINK YOU HAVE A VERY BEAUTIFUL cock, I would love to give it a tantric massage

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