Cock Virtues : Kindness, Righteousness, Courteousness, Wisdom & Honesty


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In ancient taoist teaching your cock is your god symbol, representing complete male and complete giving. It was taught that your cock had 5 virtues. Kindness : As a sacred tool, it keeps giving and giving. Righteousness : It’s not selfish. it’s only … Continue reading

str8, convince me?


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There are men who say they are 100% gay, there are equally men who say they are 100% gay. I am an old man. I have spend my adult life being a warrior. I have on occasions been very brave … Continue reading

Song of Myself

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“…spread around me the peace and knowledge
that pass all the arguments of the earth.

mr mushroom magick cock 2
and I know the hands of God is the promise of my own
and I know the spirit of God is the lover of my own.”
from  Walt Whitman Song of Myself