Masculine Sexuality

Dear Mr Cox, I’m writing with a question – but first let me just say that you have what I think is a very enlightened and enlightening website. Personally, I find the references to Sacred Sexuality and the emphasis on masculine adult male sexuality very refreshing. There truly IS a HEALTHY side to it, and … Read moreMasculine Sexuality

Penis Massage Prayer Barefoot Shaman

Massaging the penis is a form of prayer. The first Penis Massage I have ever had was by a woman. She took her time. It was wonderful! I felt blessed. I was young. 21 years old, and still called myself bisexual…at 40 I came out as gay…finally. There is something about having my penis massage … Read morePenis Massage Prayer Barefoot Shaman

imagination and sex drive

I’m now 40 and have been having the same problem for all my live. I can’t tell about you for sure but it has probably nothing to do with blood circulation (at your age, very unlikely) but with anxiety and sensitivity. For example, I get rock hard when I’m fully relaxed and masturbating alone or … Read moreimagination and sex drive


is proud to present “tantric CHOCOLATE  Featuring 10 Advanced Lingam Massage Techniques designed by Mr Cox • Perineum Shuffle • Emperor technique • Urut Batin • Tantric Clutch • THE FRENULUM JERK • The COCK A DOODLE • THE BELLY RUB • THE cha(V) • The Cox Jelq • In da hood. Class 4 in a series of nine lingam massage classes. Each class is separate and … Read moreBIG LINGAM TANTRA LONDON