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I’m thinking about letting a guy fuck me, but I dont want it to be all lovey dovy or anything because that would turn me off. I’m not attracted to men, I just want to be fucked. Interesting site you … Continue reading

Colby Jansen Pro Rugby Player


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Bisexual professional rugby player Colby Jansen was asked in a recent interview asked about the difference between sex with a man and a woman. I think the interviewer may have got a bit more detail than he was intending. Sex between … Continue reading

ready 4 it

rugby-arseI was bored and away from home in a hotel in London. On an impulse I phoned an escort
I found on the net. The first guy who was available was a 28yr old body building black guy and I really struck gold. He was nice and friendly and although only active was not a str8 guy on the make. We kissed and caressed and undressed each other as though we were lovers, not client and escort. He asked me to suck him and play with him, and it was all so relaxing I felt under no pressure. When he said he wanted to fuck me I was more than ready for it. I had been fucked a few times before, even by a black man before, and had enjoyed it although I found it difficult at first. But Danny was amazing. A large, though not huge, cock, and no pain except on first being stretched open, and the most wonderful feeling as he fucked me. A sensation like I never had before. I had never had sex like it – str8 or gay – and after about 15 minutes I got the most amazing feeling in my body. At first I didn’t know what it was, except that it was so pleasureable. Then I realised I was going to have an orgasm, but one like I never experienced before.

I hadn’t been touching my cock or anything, just getting fucked doggy fashion. I told him I was going to cum, that I was trying to hold back but couldn’t and he told me to let it go. He continued to fuck my arse and I just came and came – without touching my cock at all. I had had a full 100% solid erection except for a minute or two right after he penetrated me, so i didn;t cum without an erection lime you say is possible. I have been fucked several times since then but only managed one more anal orgasm. I never thought of it as a different type of orgasm, just a different way of getting one, but since reading your site and thinking about it, I realize you are right and i was wrong, especially as I didn’t recognize the initial sensation of the imminent climax. I have had so many ordinary orgasms I certainly recognize those signs straight away!



So he has been open to you about the fact that he likes certain sensations but is, it seems, pretty clear on his limits. He isn’t gay but you want him to do it for you? You don’t want him to “try it all” for him, you want it for you. You say you know he would love to? Sounds like he wouldn’t at all but you want him to do it. Yeah, pushy is one word (yours) that comes to mind. Selfish is another. We all have “a little of both insides ourselves. A little of both that turns us on. I for instance find female bodies exceptionally dull to look at, as a girl myself “? So he is supposed to find a male body a turn on but you don’t find female bodies a turn on? Personally, I don’t think it is a terrible attempt at expressing what you want to say, I think you have expressed it only to clearly. I think we can add another word. Hypocrisy. Be grateful you have a communicative open-minded guy and respect his limits. He doesn’t want ot be fucked by anyone other than you. Guest

red underpants

A Note from Seb, this was a response I received to ar article a woman wrote about wanting to watch her husband getting fucked. She had been training him with a strap-on  and wanted to get advice about taking things to the next level. Unfortunately I cannot find the original article at the moment, but thought I would post this reply anyway. Words of wisdom, let it be.


strip poker


Late August is always a time to party and fuck all your friends before going back up to college. I was chilling and staying over my friends house one night and wow. We were both two of the hottedt guys on campus. His bush was huge while my chest was hairy and often licked by every sluty virgin. I knew i wanted to fuck him just to “try” him. His parents and siblings had all left and we started to drink and smoke some pot. We then called up our two sluts and played strip poker. we said that if the girls lost first they had to make out and did they. Then what do you know but everyone is naked a having a huge orgy. i went tomy friend and he opened his hole for me. it had that little bit of hair and shit that looked so hot. I started to lick it up and down and got some ball action as i got into him. thenn i fucked my first man. I did him so hard that he cried and the girls blew him and sucked my hole. His brothers came in and both blew a huge load the took off their clothes and joined in. We still have some cum soaked nighta once in awhile and HOLY SHIT i saw that bush and fucked the three brothers. I love cock now and get one at least twice a week. I even did a profesor one pot soaked, cum filled night. God i love that night. funusfunkky


bucking like a bronco

mature-naked-huge-dick- n.khk

This past summer I was enjoying myself at a semi-private beach and was laying on the sand when an extremely handsome man came over and asked if he could join me on the blanket. Without thinking too much about it I invited him to lay down next to me. After several minutes of small talk, he rested his hand on my ass cheek and started to squeeze me. I instictively started to get a hard on and to twich my body up and down and around.


He continued and ran his hand to the top of my speedos and slipped his fingers down inside and ran them up and down the crack of my ass. By now I was fully hard and enjoying his ministerations no end. He got up on his knees and proceeded to pull my swim trunks down and off me and started to massage my anus with his fingers. He gently slipped one in and slid it in and out, then added a second, then a third. By now I was up on my knees and arms and bucking like a bronco…

arse muscular arse

He continued to finger fuck my ass as I blew the biggest load of cum I have ever dumped…I had to stifle a scream as there were several others around watching us. He completed his fucking me, pulled put and stood up up and wandered away. He hadn’t gone more than twenty feet when a second guy took his place, but instead of using his fingers, he proceeded to stick about eight inches of very fat cock in my ass and fuck the living shit out of me. In the next half hour I was fucked by seven others and left there to lay in a pool of my own cum, hoping others would cum to fuck me some more. To this day, my ass is open to just about any guy that wants to use it, and I live for it. navid_N

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