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My fantasy is to watch a big masculine man fuck my wife and ask me to join in. I come home unexpectedly to find a man coming out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist, extended in … Continue reading

Up the Springboks

tumblr_n6ev9bi3HG1r86ax8o4_250Hi Seb. Hope all OK with you. Your site is an incredible discovery, a Pandora’s box. At first it looks-totally disorganized but then that is part of the charm and it’s a special, unique style. I seem to find something new and intriguing every time I visit. I feel my sense of maleness is greatly enhanced when I go through your material – an interesting effect. I’m sure that this is how you, yourself, would like to be described as well. I’d like to add something to your piece on tantric pussy massage by suggesting you take a look at this: It is an article which greatly enhanced my knowledge of the subject and, as a result, I have been fortunate enough to have the enriching experience of giving more than a few ladies a very stimulating time. Thanks again for creating such a wonderful site. I read somewhere, I no longer remember where, that eternity is that time between finishing fucking your girlfriend and her getting out of bed to go home. I wonder how many of us can identify with that? And is it the same for a guy who has finished fucking his boyfriend? But, in that period of time there is the opportunity to pass the most blissful twenty minutes that life has to offer, those twenty minutes which begin when the last drops of cum have been spent and your limp dick slips from her squelchy pussy and which end when your hormone levels recover their normal balance.

4 and pleasure

The question is: why is this the time a woman chooses to begin an in-depth discussion of your relationship with her? The chances are that in the hours proceeding sex you have done everything you know to charm her and create an erotic atmosphere. When in bed, you have used all your knowledge, skill and energy to relax her, arouse her, pleasure her and, hopefully, satisfy her. If actions speak louder than words, then you have shouted her name from the rooftops. So how come she can’t have the grace to let you spend your twenty minutes of bliss in peace and quiet? Do you really have to listen to all her questions and, when inevitably you don’t find a satisfactory answers, be accused of not caring and only wanting to talk to her when you want to fuck her? After all, it is only twenty minutes and then you will be back to your normal, attentive self again. I have another question: is it the same between two men? If you fuck with another man and you both have your orgasms, does he then start asking you about how much you love him? Or does he, like you, just want to be left alone for his twenty minutes. I suspect the later and can’t help but think that there is no better advert for gay sex. Cheers for now – Graham I live in South Africa. Up the Springboks – and you can interpret that as you like.


fucking my wife


i would love to suck the black cock thats been fucking my wife. we have a neighbor who is a good looking black guy with a big cock. we partied with him and other neighbors. at one of the partys at his house one night him and my wife were talking alot.a little later i noticed them not in the crowd. i finally looked out a side bedroom window and there was my wife on a table by his pool sucking away on this big black cock. a few minutes later she was laying on the table taking every inch of his 8 to 9 inch cock in her pussy. she was in heaven i didnt get mad i got jealous and wanted some of that black snake. he ended up pulling in out of her and put it back in her mouth and she sucked him dry. i was shocked. my dick is all of 4 inches hard so she was in heaven. they fucked each other for a couple of years or more that i know of. one day i was over having a beer with him and his cock was hanging out the bottom of his workout shorts and i couldnt help but look.

i guess he caught me staring on and off and finally said hey are you staring at my meat. i just kind of sat there numb when he stood up and dropped his shorts and said if i wanted some of this black meat lets get it on. i was in shock but he came right over to me and hung that thing inches from my face. i just grabbed that thing and started licking and sucking. he pulled back and said lets go in the bedroom. he laid on the bed and gave him one of the best blow jobs he ever had. he came so much i couldn’t keep up and some of that come ran down his cock and ass and i chased every drop of it. so here i was was sucking the cock my wife is love with. my next move is to have him fuck me with that black monster john

old jocks


One day i was at the Arts Centre in Chch, NZ, when i saw this hot guy eying me up. Excited, i walked to get some food, hoping he’d follow. To my disappointment, I couldn’t see him. Needing to go to the toilet, i walked in and there he was! I went into the cubicle and he just stood there, waiting. I walked out and went to the other more secluded toilets, making sure he followed me. When he came in, he locked the door and ripped my shorts open to expose my bulge and then kissed me. I returned the favour and opened his shorts and as i did this he pulled down my jocks, exposing my medium cock. Thinking it to good to be true, I slid me hands down his undies and pulled out his cock- a good 9 inches and circumcised. He then started to grasp both our cocks and rocked forwards and backwards. I told him he was going to cum and he smiled and started sucking my cock. I came in his mouth and he then sat on the toilet, jerking himself off and shot his load. It was massive! Having both came, he sat down on the toilet and turned me round and massaged my arse with his tongue. I faced him and sat on his knees while he poked my arse. Having never felt a mans arse before, i poked his sweaty rectum. Meanwhile someone had come into the cubicle next to us yet he continued stroking my arse. Reluctant to leave, i asked for his number quietly and found out he was Brazilian. We stood up, pashed and i launched myself on him, so that his cock supported my arse, kissing and hugging each other, my dick pressing against his hot body. We walked out of the toilets together and promised to keep in touch, which we still do SS