ejaculate 21 times a month


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An orgasm a day can lower a man’s risk of prostate cancer by 20%, Men who ejaculate more frequently lower their risk of the disease. Those who ejaculate 21 times a month or more cut their risk by 22%. This was compared to … Continue reading



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A man will ejaculate on average of 7,200 times during his lifetime. The average number of times he will ejaculate from masturbation is 2,000. The average speed of ejaculation is 28 miles per hour. The signal to ejaculate does not … Continue reading

Cock Virtues : Kindness, Righteousness, Courteousness, Wisdom & Honesty


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In ancient taoist teaching your cock is your god symbol, representing complete male and complete giving. It was taught that your cock had 5 virtues. Kindness : As a sacred tool, it keeps giving and giving. Righteousness : It’s not selfish. it’s only … Continue reading

extremely close to ejaculation


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Sometimes when I come extremely close to ejaculation and feel a small discharge of seminal fluid coming up, I loosen my sphincter and body muscles suddenly to stop ejaculation. Then a totally different flavor of a new orgasm comes. The … Continue reading

the verge of cumming


Mr Cox; Your web site is amazing, one great topic leading to another. I could cum a dozen times before getting thru half of it. I get to the verge of cumming then back off and ‘turn the page’. I will be in London at the end of November. I know it is a long way off and is too early to book an exact time, but I could not help writing now. Frankly I do not know all I want. I have been vanilla for the most part, but crave something new and different. I want to be dominated, bound and restrained, obeying your commands, to tongue your body especially ass, crotch and pits. I enjoy natural body odours and rarely get to enjoy them as Americans, as a rule, are so terrified of offending each other with the slightest whiff of body odour. As far as I am concerned the ranker the better, but realise you can yourself and other clients to consider. Get to experience at least lying in a sling. Then ending the session with a cuddle and massage. I would rely on your talent and experience to fill in the gaps. Not interested in pain – well maybe a little bit here and there. Hope to hear from you and thanks for your time and wonderful web site, Jim


6.5 bi 8.5

i’m only 21 now but my cock is about 6.5 inches fat and 8.5 inches long, which is pretty good. ANYWAY, i wank by just normal wanking until you feel your about to get to climax and then you let go and just enjoy the small orgasm with no cum. Then you give it a rest and start again. You can do that as many times as you like until you want to actually cum and then you go all the way and the orgasm is HEAPS better and you shoot heaps of cum. It takes a bit of getting used to but once youre there its fuckin good. lesbiansdontjump


Qi-Gung Edging

Edging is the sport of the gods. I sometimes spend hours, bringing my self really close, then relaxing and taking the most deepest breaths of my life. I let my cock return to a flaccid state while tickling my rosebud. I repeat the ritual at least 81 times. Edging : Bring yourself close and then start all over again, Edging yourself to joy, Edging yourself to pleasure, Edging yourself to a greater ejaculation Tell us about your experience with edging. Please leave your reply below