Harfaggerson Haakon 1001


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“Every morning, wake up with the sun, and even if you see it fill with joy and radiance of power. Come out, the snow and light a fire to be your source of heat such as the sun and shine. … Continue reading

first ever tantric male massage


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I had been to the masseur a couple of times before, in a neighboring city, for just an ordinary(Swedish) massage so did know him from them. I decided to have my first ever tantric massage with him so that I felt I … Continue reading

Tiedang Gong


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Tiedang Gong is a Mysterious male massage from China, where it is practiced as a cure for Erectile dysfunction and a better life.This video from mainland of China, so the language is Chinese mandarin.but you can see English show on the … Continue reading

his big dick


I know how you feel bro! I remember my friend and I getting it on with a women who wanted the both of us to stick our dicks in her mouth at the same time.what made me cum was the feel of his big dick sliding against mine when we were erect.when we both cum we pulled our cocks out of her mouth we cum all over each others dicks and then she wanted to see us lick and suck the cum off of eachother’s dicks!!we did!!it tasted so good!!then she wanted the 2 of us to do a 69 we did while she watched !the 2 of us men sucked for about 20 mins.and we blew each others cum load all over each others mouths and swallowed every drop! talk about getting it off!!! Ron

massage my shishna

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Begin with your hands open very wide and place them about half an inch away from *my shishna Work up and down without actually touching. Touch me with your breathe, as if i am on fire.


Gently touch my face and gradually make your way down to my toes. Touch my magick, radiating masculinity with every stroke. Feel the energy penetrating. Touch him with the very tips of your fingers.

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Pretend your hands are raindrops, and as if you are moistening every minute part of my magnificence, and then spread that energy. Lightly pull at my 4skin as if you were peeling to allowing me to reveal my inner self.


 Nurture my balls as if are guarding the crown jewels. gently hold them and feel my energy, don’t massage them. As you are cradling them use the very tips of your fingers to gently tickle and vibrate


Gradually move your vibrating finger tips around to my rosebud. Gently tickle my anal lips forever. Every so often take your fingers away and tickle my hole with your breathe. Really huge big deep breaths


*my shishna (arabian dick massage)



my own big dick


All my life I have had an interest in my own dick. I used to try and suck my own, but was satisfied just catching my own cum bent over with my dick inches from my mouth. I have always been straight and fucked women. The thought of sucking a man turned me off. Now that all the three wives have moved on, I find myself wanting to suck a dick. I finally tried and it’s great. I don’t like all the other gay stuff, like kissing, hugging and being with another man. I couldn’t ever live with a man, except to spend a weekend sucking him off. Other than that I would fuck a woman in an instant. Right now, sucking dick is my only sex. I just love when I lay there looking at some guys throbbing dick and I place it i my mouth and begin sucking. When he’s ready to blast, I open wide and let him go. Terry

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My love for you has driven me insane

I wander aimlessly the ruins of my life, my old self a stranger to me

Because of your love I have broken with my past

My longing for you keeps me in this moment

My passion gives me courage I look for you in my innermost being. Rumi