a few loads into my open mouth

i should lie back on the floor and bring my legs over my head and hook my feet on a shelf or the bed behind me so that my fattening cock is inches away from my face. i then take a while to slowly stretch my muscles out so my dick can reach my mouth. i then place my cock head into my mouth and jack off like there’s no tomorrow. sometimes i cum in my mouth other times on my face. be careful tho. my back is usually sore the next day and one time i hurt my back pretty bad. bc of that i havent done it in a while, but my cock is throbin right now just thinkin about it. I am so turned on all the time to shoot a all of my sperm into my mouth all the time. And I always shoot once or twice in my mouth, and I have done this 100′s of times, but I always loose the interest after it hits my mouth. I still do not like my sperm, I also do not like the smell, but everytime I masturbate I pump a few loads into my open mouth. I want to get all the sperm into my mouth, but like I said I loose interest and pump the rest of my sperm onto my face and belly. I never get the nerve to pump all my sperm into my open mouth. And now I want to try again for about the 800th time. Any advise to be able to have the nerve to pump it all into my mouth. theos

eat my own cum


Shortly after I started to jack off I started to eat my own cum. Sometimes I jacked with friends of mine and even though they teased me about it I still ate my cum, I enjoyed the taste that much. One time I was jacking with a friend of mine named Mike, I came first and licked my fingers off and he said, if you like the taste of cum so much why not eat my cum, I said ok, and was waiting for him to cum, but he said, might as well suck me so you get it fresh, not really sure why but I did and I know from the moment his dick past my lips I was a cock sucker. His cum was great and I sucked him, and a few other friends when ever they wanted me to, about three months after I sucked my first cock I sucked another friend, tom, and he said he wanted to return the favor. I never told anyone tom sucked my cock, and he liked me for that and would suck me about once a month. At 21 I got my first girlfriend and even though I liked to suck cock, I liked performing oral on my girlfriend to and didn’t suck cock as much, but still would if I got the chance.

sacred arse