marijuana enhanced masturbation

In the 2003 study ā€œCannabis Effects and Dependency Concerns in Long-Term Frequent Users,ā€ 54 percent of the 104 ā€œexperiencedā€ marijuana users surveyed said smoking weed had the effect of sexual stimulation.Ā Another Canadian study, from 2008, ā€œUnderstanding the Motivations for Recreational Marijuana Use Among Adult Canadians,ā€ dick here

magnificent caring loving

He was magnificent, caringĀ  loving, he’d open me with his tongue and fingers, and I’d do the same for him, and then we’d go for it turn by turn, couldn’t stop.Ā The first sign that things were moving onto another dimension was on Ron’s side. I’d dick here

smoking weed

Hi Seb, I don’t know if this is a “worthy” subject for this forum, but, here goes…I have found that since smoking more weed I cum more intensely than ever before. I can also put it off longer and feel amazing sensations on my cock. dick here

highly sexual

i was reading a discussion on some websiteĀ discussing the strange occurrence of cannabis smokers wanting to worship cock when high. One bloke wrote ā€˜Iā€™m quite a hardcore pothead, I feel very heterosexual, i am very attracted to girls and not at all to men when dick here

Cannabis Cures Cancer

The US government has thrown its weight behind the earth-shattering claims that cannabis can cure cancer. Health researchers for the US government claim that the active ingredients in cannabis – can inhibit the illness by causing cell death and blocking key blood vessels needed by dick here

finger my ass

I did it by accident too.. in the shower standing up, using 2 fingers.…. i just did circles and then its like i stopped feeling anything, it felt totally different and then i just kept doing it… and WHAM!!!! from my head to my chest dick here

Sacramental Cannabis

Roderick W. Marling has dedicated the last 36 years to Yoga meditation and research in the area of expanding consciousness. If youā€™ve ever suspected that Cannabis was once considered a sacred plant and used in ritual settings, then you will definitely be interested in this dick here

the existence of fire

Thinking gives off smoke to prove the existence of fire. A mystic sits inside the burning. There are wonderful shapes in rising smoke that imagination loves to watch. But it’s a mistake to leave the fire for that filmy sight. Stay here at the flame’s dick here

Cannabis makes you gay

Cannabis will not harm your health, scientists have claimed. Experts gave the advice as they launched the world’s first ever guidelines on how to take drugs safely.Ā Cannabis users are unlikely to encounter long-term health issues if they smoke such a small dose, according to the dick here