the strong and stable campaign 4 cannabis law reform UK

Here in the United Kingdom the Tory Government’s Drug Minister Victoria Atkins opposes cannabis law reforms and has spoken out against the class B drug, even for medical use. I am going to give you a hundred guesses as to what her husband does for a living. Go on, just even have 1 guess.

This is Paul Kenward, husband of Victoria Atkins MP who is the UK drugs minister. He grows cannabis for a living.

EX-SCRA: The Campaign For Real Cannabis

2 thoughts on “the strong and stable campaign 4 cannabis law reform UK

  1. Fucking Tories, you couldn’t make it up, could you?

    A couple of weeks ago, I was in my local Wetherspoons, got chatting to an another old bloke, and he told me a joke.

    “How many Tory MP’s are married to Gay Men?”

    131 was the right answer I was assured.

    I wouldn’t have thought that many, I said quite surprised,

    Yes 131, and they are all,



    I told him a joke about the Tory Drug’s Minister’s Husband. He did have a hundred and more guesses, when I eventually told him the answer, he laughed so much

    He pissed himself!

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