bound, gagged, massaged


Thanks Richard for a wonderful piece of writing, it has given me a hard on just reading it! Like you, I have also always enjoyed being nude with other naked men and had fantasies about having close physical contact with another man. My own particular fetish is to be naked and restrained (bound and gagged) whilst the close physical contact takes place. I have always found seeing a naked bound and gagged man a tremendous sexual turn on. I have now found an excellent male masseur near me who has made all my sexual fantasies come true and I really look forward to our sessions together. And by the way Richard, you are a very good looking guy with a great body!! PHILIP

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  1. hi philip, i also love to be restrained and gagged during a massage, but i am not into any sort of pain. The problem I have is that i have tried 4 different masseurs and once they have me tied up and gagged they all wanted to inflict pain. which is not what I am looking for. Your masseur sounds great, where is he ?

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