Bigger dick = less need to work out

I agree with the study & I want to add my own idea’s from my own “experiments” It seems to me that it’s accurate about gay men’s feelings about their penis size in relation to masculinity, the bigger the better. They are very happy with anything it seems as long as the people they want to know, knows that they have a big cock. So, a group of gay men, with large dicks would consider themselves quite complete. However, guys who don’t measure up seems to hit the gym..all the time..they use their bodies as their measure of masculinity, ie: the men who work out and work toward the perfect male form do so because they lack somewhat between the legs. Now, this is very much un-scientific & I’d bet many men who work out also are hung well. I’m sure I’m wrong to a large dergee with my previous statement, it is just an observation I’ve made. Bigger dick=less need to work out, self esteem is more equalized by the dick… Whatever.. I feel dumb saying this now, but what the heck. John

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2 thoughts on “Bigger dick = less need to work out

  1. u should workout regardless, even if just for the health benefits. there’s also a bonus inc of testosterone on itself. but irl no-one really wants to fuck a scrawny bastard. if i wanted to fuck a perennial looking prepubescence femboy, i’d might as well fuck a real woman1 but to answer ur question; simple, bigger penis = more pleasure and fun 4u&ur partners111 a more to luv kind of thingie. but srsly, penis size is mostly genetically determined. u’d hav to be on steriods; or suffering some sort of abnormality; in order for it’s size to be affected significally. and even then, ur body’d try to compensate accordingly. creating a mean size of 5″ and var of 2″. otherwise we wouldn’t be able to reproduce properly. hence it’s moar important to hav a working set of testicles, imho. although i can see the arg, since the events are interrelated. primary, secondary sexual chars, and mutations; bio&logic 101…

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