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I’m a bicurious male who has experimented with anal play since my late teens, I also used to be able to self suck, but don’t think my back will bend enough now to let me enjoy that. Sometimes wish I could rim myself as well, but I’m not a dog and that’d be impossible. I have had many anal orgasms, some from women some from wanking, never done anything with a man though yet but am tempted. I’ve found that sometimes I cum without actually cumming, and have have cum a few times in succession. When I do cum it varies in consistency and how it shoots out, sometimes flying out sometimes not. I’ve also discovered that I can pump out loads of pre cum and sometimes it squirts out a bit like pissing. It is a different experience than using my cock to wank or fuck but I love it.

I love wanking with dildos,fruit and other toys, and also have had it done by women with strap ons and using their fingers. I also find that my arsehole gets wet and a fluid lubes whatever I’m using, and it tastes not too different to cum or pre cum but is a thinner consistency. The whole experience is great and makes me pant and writhe differently, and I can usually use my cock after to cum again, and without a feeling of having had sex and wanting to wait (although that doesn’t always happen when I’ve shagged a woman and can sometimes go again – depends how I feel I spose). Perhaps if I find the right man I’ll be able to post another message telling you what that’s like and if it’s any different, until then I’ll carry on enjoying what I do. In fact I think I might get the dildos out now. piercedcockbi69

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  1. been gay most of my life. my advice is find a nice a guy you connect with and take it slow. take my advice gay sex can be awesome

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