bi curious

When someone ask me if I am straight, gay or bisexual, I tell them I am neither of them. I consider myself unique and sexual and I no longer believe in sexual distinction to be partners in life.

Traditional sex distinction handed down by generations I consider as rubbish. I just express myself and would rather be called sexual and unique.You can be sexual and choose partners in life whether male or female which doesn’t matter. You can choose a male as your partner in life and pay services of surrogate wife to bear children for same-sex partners. SaMson

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4 thoughts on “bi curious

  1. As an older person I say I think you are very normal and I recall all my traumas at your age. The bi factor is in all animals, male or female, so experiment, enjoy the best of both worlds, if you feel “fem” occasinaly …why not ? We all have both genes in our bodies and how far you choose to go is a personal thing, giving or takimg. BUT exercise discretion..

  2. Seb says it all in advising honesty – especially being honest with yourself. I was 52 before I picked up the courage to try male relationships and it was loke coming home in a way. So, take heart, be honest, deal with the situations now and relax.

  3. Hi,
    I do believe that you are attracted also to men, and there’s nothing wrong about it. 🙂
    i suggest that if you want to come out, start with the person who is the closest to you, your best friend… see how she/he reacts to these news.

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