arab wanking

Many, many, many years ago, on a visit to Amsterdam I visited a straight cinema club (Sex shops and porn theatres cluster along Reguliersbreestraat, just off Rembrandtplein) where men sit and watch porn and wank themselves. Obviously I was more interested in watching the other men pleasuring themselves and shooting their spunk. After many hours, and several spliffs latter a very sexy Arab man came and sat quite close to me. He took out his huge cock and continued to wank himself and occasionally stare to see if I was still watching him. He would wank furiously and then just leave his cock dangling for several minutes and then bring himself close again. I wanted so badly to touch him, but was quite content just to watch. He continued his ritual for a long time. If anyone else intruded he would simply put his cock away and wait for them to leave, when they did, he continued. I got totally lost in a world of pleasure I would pleasure myself, sometimes I would just watch him, so many times I wanted to cumm, but would control myself by rolling another spliff, eventually I got the bollox to offer the spliff to him. Eventually I got the bollox to reach over and touch him, just very casually on the inside of his thighs, and as I did I witnessed this most amazing explosion of cumm. It just pumped and pumped I could not control myself, I roared and screamed. I new I was close, my whole body was shaking uncontrollably and as I started to shoot, I actually passed out. By the time I had recovered he had gone.

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