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I came across your site and have been reading everything. I’ve wondered about male anal orgasm before, but couldnt find much info. I am straight, but I’ve always enjoyed anal stimulation. I haven’t been with many women who had an interest in it, either giving or receiving, so it’s been something that I explored on my own. At one point, I had a nice dildo that a girlfriend had left at my place. I played with that when I had the chance, but it wasnt here for long before she retrieved it. I was close to an orgasm once with that thing, but I had a slight elbow injury a the time and had to stop. I’m thinking about letting a guy fuck me, but I dont want it to be all lovey dovy or anything because that would turn me off. I’m not attracted to men, I just want to be fucked. My question is, what would gay/bi guys think about that? I would need to find a mostly straight acting guy that just wanted to get to it. Have any suggestions.

I did it by accident too.. in the shower standing up, using 2 fingers….. i just did circles and then its like i stopped feeling anything, it felt totally different and then i just kept doing it… and WHAM!!!! from my head to my chest to my back to my ass to my cock like a lightning bolt or something… and ever since i felt that i’ve never been able to do it again 🙁 oh trust me i’ve tried so many damn times… u know now that i think of it i think I smoked a joint before i went in the shower!! maybe thats got something to do with it… but i want to be able to do this everyday in the shower lol… call me greedy but if i know i can do that myself, i’d want to take full advantage… can anyone describe what you’re actually supposed to do inside there with just your fingers exactly… and breathing and all that crap..? and also, can girls have them too? Latino C


I strayed… He re-introduced me to physical pleasures that I hadn’t felt for many years. Then one day he inserted a finger. Gently at first, and then two fingers. This was better than any ‘butch fuck’ that had left me quailing in the past (and vowing never to return). Then he wriggled his fingers around and something very strange started to happen to my entire body. I only had a semi-erection at the time and wasnt even thinking about cumming, just concentrating on that small area that was being tantalized. A great wave of tingles swept up through my body, right to my very fingertips, I can only call it a “zinging”. I thought “This must be what the female orgasm is like”. It lasted nearly 2 minutes and seemed like an eternity. iAN- Australia

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  1. love the info on anal orgasms its really true. being gay my ass is somewhat more trained and used to this. i have them very easily however with practice no reason bi or straight guys cant enjoy them too its not just a gay thing.

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