aleister crowley

Dear Mr. Crowley, I can not truly thank u enough for creating such a well developed, highly educational and, Liberatingly Powerful Magickal System. Your Sytem has helped open up my life in ways I never dared to dream possible. While there are many who emmulate your philosophy and, beliefs there are very few whom truly understand it and, take it to heart. I consider myself to truly be amongst one of those elite few. When one puts your system into practice it changes the individual in mind, body and, soul. Your system empowers and, invigerates a person to realize that we are capable of doing whatever it is that we dare to dream and, that truly nothing is out of our reach. Again Thank u ever so much MasterMage Crowley for creating a System of Magick that has truly in every way altered my Life for the Better, Sincerely, A Man and, a Brother in Arms, Brother Wolf, 93

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  1. Dear Mr. Crowley, i fell of a scaffolding when i was a teenager, i flew along way and gave my head an almighty smack, i wasn’t suppose to be there, so there was no compensation. So, I’m probably also seen as mad. I remember the old man who told me about you, there was nothing really about him, apart from his magick. I know why you were, you have inspired me to celebrate myself, even the tinest littlest bits. You know I even went to live in hastings for 999 dAYS, and i played my trump card, thanks for the advice, thanks for the entertainment, and thanks 4 the lucky pounds…

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