A moment of happiness


I had a great experience at the old bus depot in Des Moines, Iowa, that i will never forget. I was standing at the urinal pretending to piss, when another guy stood by me pissing and playing with his cock. I watched him for a while as he pissed and got so horney for cock that i tried to suck him. He jumped back and said “Wait till I get dome pissing, faggot and I’ll let you have it”. As soon as his piss stream slowed, i had his cock in my mouth. I got a good taste of his piss and his uncut cock, before he stopped me. He pulled me into a toilet stall and told me to “start sucking”! My cock was harder than it had ever been and leaking in my pantied as i kneeled and sucked his beautiful uncut cock. When he shot his load, the cum was rather bitter, but i love it! I had the taste of his cum in my mouth the rest of the evening, until i found another cock to suck at the bookstore gloryhole.

bi/ Roy Foster



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