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Im a danish guy and for years I have been having anal orgasms but not like most of you describe it here. When I start fingering myself I try to massage the prostate, sometimes I use a dildo first but it will not give me the right orgasm. So I put 2 fingers in and out in a fast rythm , I countinue for maybe 10-15 minutes then I can feel Im close to the climax, Im getting wet inside me (Im not using lub) and so it just explodes inside me! Out of my asshole alot of liquid juice and its a sensational feeling that goes through my body, possibly the same feeling as a pussy? Then I just relax a few minutes to enjoy it but Im not finished, I do it again and will have maybe 5-6 orgasm in the same way but not as much juice coming out. The juice smell like sperm but its thin. My penis have been hard all the time but I havent touched it. Then when Im finished with the anal orgasms I start masturbate the penis as normal and will have a final orgasm with the normal ejaculation of sperm. Its my life and I enjoy it! henrik

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Ive attempted many times to stimulate my prostate using my fingers, dildo and vibrating anal vibe, but up to now nothing happens except for a better orgasm when i wank using my hand. What am i doing wrong? I get myself stimulated before hand by watching porn ect ect mac

Hey, I felt like I was having an anal orgasm the other day, with all the signs/feelings etc that others have described. However, each time I orgasmed the fluid spirting from my flaccid cock was very thin and colourless. When loads started coming out I thought I was pissing myself so went to the bog, and I did urinate, but I'm not sure whether the two are connected as I had been at it for a few hours! Therefore, when loads started spirting and shooting everywhere was this cum or piss? I am a bit worried if it is the latter. Some people have said the ejaculate is very runny but does this sound correct? Any thoughts much appreciated! Nyale

I was in Niagra Fall on business. I was only 20 at the time and I was staying up in a hotel. I am bi and don't usually have a male partner often. But I have been performing anal penetration for years. I was using a hair spray bottle seated on a chair when I could believe I was feeling what I felt. You know, that irresistable start of that great feeling of warmth all over. I had a great orgasm. After that day I have been obsessed with anal orgasms ever since and now I have a very distint different orgasm with my wife over my anal orgasm. Now here is the kicker. I now have many methods of anal orgasm (no penis touching which actually ruins the feeling) I have my wife fist my ass while I am bent over. I have mind blowing orgasms that way. The other (this where you will think I'm crazy) is I attach a dildo or other home made device on the agitator of my washing machine. It fucks me so much that I literally have to take a break from that kind of activity to recuperate. But WOW, what a fucking orgasm from that. Thanks for reading Kev

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I'm a top guy but 1% of the time like getting fucked. One guy I had spent the weekend fucking wanted to give me a massage. Since, I'm not one to turn down such an offer, I was more than willing. After starting with neck and back, he gave my butt a good massage and then started playing with my hole and then stuck a finger or two up there. Having not been fucked in a LONG time, I was suprised my body was so relaxed and so were my ass muscles. He then lubed up and slid in and I was again surprsed how easily it went in. I was happy to be the bottom for him and it was such a pleasure because I was so relaxed. Now everytime I feel the urge to get fucked, I go to a masseur who is a top guy and I leave feeling relaxed and satisfied ALL over! usaontop

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